Step into an intimate council of space holders, where your vulnerable truth is celebrated, your big visions are cheered on, and your spirit finds the deep sense of connection you are working to create in the world…free from the weight of having to have it all figured out all on your own.

If you’re yearning to feel more like this…


…then keep scrolling.

Let’s face it: you’re tiiiiired of the relentless ache of loneliness that comes with adulting in these modern, tech-dependent times.

And, if you’re really honest with yourself, you are caught in a loop of self improvement - not feeling good enough to get the connection you also yearn to give.

You feel trapped in this place of not wanting to let yourself be seen and known by others until you get your shit together. It’s embarrassing to not have it all figured out when you feel such a calling to support and gather others in a meaningful way.

You feel like you don’t deserve it.

You’re too messy and can’t let them see you like this when you are supposed to be trusted in leading. You.just.gotta.get.it.together and then you’ll be able to relish in the warmth of connection that you’ve been plotting and dreaming of finding for years now.

Let me be crystal clear about what’s behind these self flagellating thoughts you are having:

They do not belong to you.

They belong to the oppressive system we live under. The one that wants us to keep our heads down being good little worker bees, day in and day out. The one that wants us to override our animal bodies and stay disconnected from each other so that we stay small and scared and self-critical so that it can carry on with its power hungry, earth extracting ways. These thoughts were planted into ancestral memory many generations ago. And you are here to permanently change that story and live in a new way.

But in order to do that, you must embrace the messy human that you are alongside other humans doing the same.

Allow me to dispel any kind of notion that I am one of those people who has mastered the messiness of life and teaches from a place of I’ve-figured-it-all-out-ness:

I wrote a lot of this invitation to you with my sick child literally on my lap, stopping occasionally to have her blow her nose into a tissue, because my childcare fell through at the last minute and I am the primary parent in my family.

So, yeah I get it. We are all balancing a lot. And most of the time, we are doing it alone - with barely a resourced body nearby to comfort or co-regulate with us.